Hi, I'm Julie Hutchinson and I'm looking forward to talking with you.

In this short introductory call I will learn about you and what your goals are, I will share some of our most effective life-changing steps on how to overcome stress and anxiety.

I look forward to talking to you!  

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When I started working with Julie, I was learning to navigate a new stage of my life, with elderly parents and an empty nest. This situation caused strain, sadness, and stress, including my personal and professional relationships. After working with her, life does not seem so overwhelming anymore! Not only has my leadership style been elevated to a more positive state, but my overall health has improved and I no longer stress-eat while working through my negative feelings. The program has dramatically affected my overall attitude, as I now realize that I have the power to control my negative reactions. One of the most important things Julie taught me is how to breathe! At times when I became stressed, frustrated, or irritated, I would automatically hold my breath. Now, I know that taking deep, calming breaths will bring my mind and heart into full awareness, allowing me to respond from a place of compassion and care. Throughout it all, Julie was a very patient and attentive coach. She paid attention to what I said and modified the program so it was specific to my needs. Julie set clear goals and helped me focus on what was important. She helped guide me to a much more rewarding outcome than I ever expected. I could not have asked for a better coach! 

- Payton P., Corporate Systems Director, Visa

I got so much value on the breakthrough call with you! I learned what my stress and anxiety were costing me in my life and I made a commitment to finally overcome them. Can't thank you enough.

- Jeff H., Pastor and Church Leader

I have a high level of stress in my job and this program has given me the tools to stop the stress reaction and stay connected with my clients and staff. As a result, our team has exceeded our sales goals for three consecutive quarters.

- John C., President, Insurance Benefits Company

Wow! I just had a breakthrough session with Julie and made a conscious decision to thrive and feel it in my soul. And... I landed a great client on the next phone call. How cool is that?! 

- Marie S.

After taking this program I no longer have anxiety when I meet with my prospective clients and I am a much better listener. This has helped me connect with my clients more.  

Just after completing this program, I sold the largest project our company has ever closed.

- Loren L., Director of Sales, Somnio